Automation and Digitisation


Automate your processes. Propel your business. 

With the world’s #1 Intelligent Automation platform  

RPA is the use of a ‘robot’ (software) that replicates the actions of a human being interacting with the user interface of a computer system. Robotic Process Automation is productivity software that sits on top of existing systems and performs manual, repetitive, and rule-based activities traditionally performed by individuals.  

Nexia-SAB&T is a licensed partner of the Automation Anywhere RPA platform.  

Discovery Bot

Accelerate your automation pipeline with AI-driven process discovery 

Automatic process discovery, also called task mining, is a technique to uncover business processes by recording user interactions with various systems, including enterprise solutions (ERP, CRM, BPM, ECM, etc.), personal productivity applications (Microsoft Excel, Outlook, etc.) and terminal and virtual environments. Unlike process mining that reconstruct processes using the data from event logs generated by enterprise solutions, process discovery captures user interactions with any application. It records necessary data such as mouse movement, click, etc. for identifying RPA opportunities and automatic creation of bots.  

Discover - Record user activities, identify and document processes 

Prioritize - Find high-value automation opportunities, manage automation pipeline 

Automate - Convert automation opportunities into bots in one-click 

IQ Bot 

Use AI to intelligently process your documents  

IQ Bot combines the power of RPA with AI technologies such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), fuzzy logic and machine learning (ML) to automatically classify, extract an validate information from business documents and emails.  

PRE-PROCESSING - Improve document quality using noise reduction, binarization, de-skewing techniques 

CLASSIFICATION - Classify and separate multi-page documents to identify relevant pages  

EXTRACTION - Use ML technologies to extract specific data from documents  

POST-PROCESING - Validate using rules and AI-driven techniques o improve the extraction results 

Bot Insight  

RPA Analytics That Tell The Whole Story 

Bot InsightTM is the only analytics platform to deliver both operational and business intelligence, in the moment.  


Big Data goes with the territory. Your digital workforce is brining back complete information on not only what it does but also what it encounters along the way. Everything is recorded and visible to the enterprise, anytime. But what does it all mean? The most advanced RPA analytics reveal what’s meaningful and predict what’s next.  


HANDS-FREE BUSINESS ANALYTICS - Advanced analytics at the click of the mouse. Simply tag the variables of interest and we do the rest. It’s a complete turnkey RPA analytics solution that requires no integration- everything is built-in (native) and ready right out of the box.  

REAL-TIME OPERATIONAL INSIGHT - With actionable intelligence, delivered by self-measuring bots, operations managers and practitioners can constantly monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital workforce and easily quantify processes’ operational performance on demand.  

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION - Out-of-the box customizable analytics are designed for meet the analytics needs of most enterprises. With seamless integration into leading BI solutions. Bot Insight offers unprecedented flexibility in measuring your digital workforce performance.  

Benefits of Leveraging a Digital Workforce

  • Optimize labor costs, increase capacity 
  • Increase screed (5-10x), accuracy (100%) and availability (24x365)  
  • Flexible and Scalable Workforce- 24x7x365 coverage 
  • Improve compliance, controls and auditability  
  • Deliver Real-Time Analytics and business intelligence  
  • Enable digital transformation  
  • Enhance employee morale  


By Industry  

  • Tailor to the unique needs of your industry  
  • BPO 
  • Financial Services 
  • Healthcare 
  • Telecom  
  • Insurance  
  • Life sciences 
  • Manufacturing  
  • Public Sector  

By Function 

  • Create efficiencies in every department.  
  • Back Office Solutions  
  • Front Office Solutions  
  • Finance & Accounting  
  • Human Resources  

By Technology

  • Create efficiencies in every department.  
  • Attended  
  • Automation 2.0 Productivity Pack  
  • ERP Automation  
  • Microsoft Azure