Complete GRC Management Software


IBM OpenPages with Watson (Artificial Intelligence Engine) offers businesses a cognitive- driven integrated governance, risk and compliance (GRC) portfolio solution. OpenPages with Watson is integrated with IBM Watson natural language processing and machine learning capabilities as well as IBM Enterprise Design Thinking for optimal user interaction.  

The solution can analyse large volumes of structured and unstructured data rom emerging and pervasive sources, such as social media and security systems. This customer-validated solution is designed to be user friendly and can be customised to your needs. The platform provides a modular set of solutions for enterprise GRC that support:  

  • Operational Risk Management  
  • Regulatory Compliance Management  
  • Policy Compliance Management  
  • IT Risk and Security  
  • Internal Audit Management  
  • Model Risk Governance  
  • Business Continuity Management  
  • Vendor Risk Management  
  • Financial Controls Management  


The solution saves time. Users can select from suggestions on the interface and no longer need to understand all available options.  

Improves data quality. The user can choose one or more relevant classifications based upon the knowledge of experts, rather than their own training.  

Reduces the knowledge gap. The expert can train the classifier so that users can benefit from a seamless approach.  

Differentiators and Business Value 

The platform delivers several key business value differentiators that can help radically improve decision-making and accelerate customer time to value, including:  

Flexible data model, workflows, forms and reports to address the needs of organisations.  

Extensible solutions that extend to sophisticated business processes across risk and compliance domains.  

Overall regulatory compliance management that uses IBM Watson to understand complex and overlapping regulatory requirements and map them to the internal GRC control environment.  

Data integration and aggregation with IBM’s comprehensive REST API, enabling customers to get a holistic view of risk and its impact.  

IBM Watson cognitive integration understands text and recommends an object’s classification or mapping based on natural language processing.  

Business intelligence and decision support provides insight into the state of risk across an organisation with dynamic dashboards, charts, dimensional reporting and interact for root cause analysis.