Internal Audit Services


If you require customised, practical, cost effective solutions, incorporating regulatory requirements you are at the right place.  


Solutions that are designed around your business operations and processes.  


A synergised workable solution across all levels of your business organisation:  

  • Process 
  • Operations  
  • Functional  
  • Strategic  

Assurance services  

We have a multifaceted service, offering tailor-made solutions to your needs and delivering on your expectations. 

Traditional Assurance  

Is the internal control environment (including IT Environment) adequate and effective in mitigating risks to an acceptable level and protecting objectives?  

Compliance Management  

Is the compliance management function operating effectively to ensure organisational compliance, to legislative prescripts, financial reporting, and corporate governance requirements?  

Combined Assurance  

Are assurance providers delivering maximum value as a collective and are their responsibilities efficiently divided?  

Enterprise Risk Management  

Does the ERM function provide value to the Board, its sub-committees and management? Does it assist not only in the management of risks, but also in turning risks into opportunities?  

Performance Auditing  

Is the control environment not only adequate and effective, but is it also operating efficiently and economically, including the utilisation of its resources?  

Corporate Governance  

Is the Board and its sub-committees fulfilling its duties in a manner that establishes and maintains an ethical culture, good performance and effective control environment?  

Consulting services  

Our Consulting services are customised to your specific business and legislative environment with synergy and efficiency between your operations.  

If you don’t require assurance services, but assistance with management functions your at the right place:  

Business Process Engineering  

Synchronisation between operational business units to ensure complete and accurate financial reporting, and ultimately effectiveness and efficiency operations.  

Business Continuity Management  

Provide a framework and plan for building resilience and an effective response strategy in the event of an incident or disaster that safeguards: Stakeholders’ interests; the organisation’s brand; and reputation. 

Policy Document Development  

Provide customised policies and practical standard operating procedures, which result in a sound internal control environment.  

Enterprise Risk Management  

Provide an effective management function that manages risks and opportunities and protects the sustainability of the organisation.  

Real Time ITC Advisory and Assurance  

Assist and advise management in the planning and actual implementation of information communication technology projects. We will form part of the project management team, and provide real time value added services.