Turnaround, Restructuring and Insolvency


Nexia SAB&T has a fully resourced department that deals with: Liquidation, Insolvency, Turnaround, Company Restructuring and Business Rescue.  

Nexia SAB&T has worked on various complex and high profile Estates, along with assisting a number of clients over the years.  

Turnaround and restructuring compromises:  

Working with management or others to effect major changes in a business to restore profitability and reorganise a structure to enhance cashflow.  

Business viability  

Where management or external stakeholders are concerned about the future of a business, we provide out expertise to give an independent assessment of its viability and financial prospects and provide advice on options.  


When you need local knowledge to trace assets or check on key customers and suppliers, we can support with gathering information and intelligence to meet with your needs. 

Support with profit improvement  

We can offer guidance on opportunities to enhance profits and with some of the practical steps required. 

Cross border insolvency  

We can assist with cross border insolvency when a business fails or needs help from the court or its creditors to survive. Through the Nexia International network, Nexia’s member firms can advise on and deliver solutions that are appropriate to each territory. 

Operating and financial reviews  

Focused on giving management or external stakeholders an independent review of specific issues affecting their business, such as controls or management information. 

Our main services comprise the following:  

TRI main services 

  • Cash flow and financial modelling  
  • Operation reviews  
  • Formal insolvencies and bankruptcies  

Customer and supply chain

  • Insolvency of customer or supplier overseas  
  • Information gathering and monitoring in other territories 

Complex groups

  • Appraisal for reorganisation  
  • Liquidating and striking off dormant and surplus companies  
  • Project management  

Crisis management and support

  • Responding to unexpected business situations such as market shifts  
  • Supporting lenders in dealing with defaulting or high risk customers